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Body Treatments & Wraps New Bern

Premiere Island Scalp Treatment & Massage Add-on 25 minutes $45.00
Relax as Warm Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is slowly Drizzled and gently massaged into the Scalp, Neck, & shoulders Leaving your hair and scalp shiny and Healthy. *This is an add-on treatment for any Body Wrap or Body Treatment service. A Shower is available, but the coconut oil is recommended to stay in the hair for 4-6 hours or overnight to maximize its benefits.
Relaxation Body Wrap 1 hour $120.00
Dead Sea mud infused with Damiana tea and Chamomile, help to detoxify, regenerate, and hydrate your skin. With anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties, this body mask will penetrate beneath the surface to assist in relieving muscular aches and hypertonicity while helping restore the elasticity of the skin. This wrap includes an application of lavender salt-scrub to exfoliate the surface and relax the body and mind, and also a full body application of hydrating body butter.
Trim/Detoxify Body Wrap 1 hour $120.00
Mineral-rich seaweed and French green clay absorb the oils and toxins, making it an excellent utility for acne-prone skin. The minerals are also absorbed and aid in the breakdown of fat cells, reducing the appearance of cellulite and water-retention. You can lose up to 2 inches with this trimming body mask, making it desirable for events such as weddings and balls, and combined with the detoxifying properties acts as an excellent kick-start cleanse for weight loss.

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