Float Pod New Bern

Float Session / 60 minutes $60

Once you experience the mental peace and physical relaxation provided by our float pod, you won’t imagine going a week without a float!

60 minute float – $60 (plus extra time for pre- and post-float shower)
60 minute float w/ float membership – $45

Float Club Membership CALL TO JOIN

$45/week includes a 1 hour float session ($60 value)

  • 4 (four) float credits are added to your account with each monthly payment
  • You and your household have access to savings on all our services!
  • FREE use of relaxation lounges
  • FREE use of sauna
  • 10% off massage therapy
  • 10% off additional floats

*This is a month-to-month membership with no long-term commitment and monthly float credits can accumulate if unused or shared with family members!

, Additional Information

Additional Information


Our state-of-the-art pod is located in a private room with a shower for pre- & post-float use.
No bathing suit required.
Water is precision-warmed to body temperature.
You may choose to have total sensory deprivation, or relax with calming light and/or soft music via built in underwater speakers.
Towels, robe, slippers provided.
Hairdryer, etc. in locker rooms.

Perfect before a float = massage
Perfect after a float = sauna, tea, relaxation lounge

, Hygiene & Your Safety

Hygiene & Your Safety

  • Pods and float room are decontaminated after each use.
  • Specialized filter (finer than pool or hot tub) cleans the water 3 times between uses.
  • Built-in UV germicial purification.
  • Epsom salt is sterilizing (one cup added for each person who floats).